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According to the U.S. Census, most finance and accounting firms are small businesses, which falls right into the MPWRSource wheelhouse. MPWRSource can empower accounting and finance firms to grow their revenue; create efficient operations; protect their brand’s reputation through compliance; and achieve peace of mind and efficiency with IT solutions and data management.

While the MPWRSource Squad can’t actually fly in the clouds, we can, however, appoint our sidekick, ProActive Cloud to securely store your data there. With cloud computing (IaaS), co-Location services, and disaster recovery services (ECHO), we can meet the dynamic information security and storage needs of your small business. Additionally, the security provided within the ProActive Cloud is HIPAA compliant.

Cloud Computing (IaaS)
ProActive Cloud Computing (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)) is designed to provide dynamic and fluid network resources to meet your business objectives. ProActive’s Cloud Computing solution provides an entire network infrastructure without initial cash depleting expenditures; now or at time of replacement. ProActive’s Cloud is dynamic, fluid, secure, encrypted, resilient and redundant.

Think of the Cloud as leasing an office condo instead of owning an office building. ProActive provides the personalized security and common maintenance services for the building, but each tenant still has the agility to expand and scale instantly and on-demand.

Your business is dynamic, your network should be too.



  • Do you lose power often?
  • Is your server closet also used for storage?
  • Do you have multiple locations?
  • Is your server room too warm and not well ventilated?
  • Are you the “server administrator” because the server is onsite?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions — the solution is ProActive’s Co-Location services. ProActive provides a secure, reliable facility with guaranteed uptime commitments to their clients.

Small to mid-sized businesses struggle with constraints, such as space to accommodate network equipment, cooling, power outages, and physical security. Often customers with multiple locations use Co-Location services to avoid downtime for all locations at once.

Think of Co-Location as an off-site secured “self-storage facility” for your network equipment.


Disaster Recovery (ECHO)

  • Do you backup?
  • Do you know what is backed up?
  • Have you tested it?
  • Is it recoverable?
  • Does it meet all compliancy requirements for sensitive data?


ECHO answers yes to these questions by connecting disaster recovery and business continuity planning. This approach goes beyond the traditional backup and recovery services by combining data backup, restoring, and testing along with your business processes. ECHO is a subscription-based service, eliminating the need for purchasing additional equipment.

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Our mission for empowerment, should you choose to accept it, starts here. Join the evolution!

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Our mission for empowerment, should you choose to accept it, starts here. Join the evolution!


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